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Climate of the Baltic Region  
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Climate of the Baltic Region

In Kuehlungsborn the Baltic Sea air with the mild stimulating climate benefits the physical well-being and the immune system.

Baltic Sea resort Kuehlungsborn - the green city at the sea In the Baltic Sea resort Kuehlungsborn
- "the Green City at the Sea" – the air from the Baltic Sea unites with the air of the city forest and the forests of the Kuehlung to a special and unique curing climate.

City forest of Kuehlungsborn



The air contains the mineral materials iodine, calcium, magnesium, iron and salt, whereby it becomes particularly wholesome. Furthermore, the Baltic Sea air is characterized by a high purity, because it is neither charged with pollen nor with factory fumes.
A Walk at the Baltic Sea in the winter

The saline sea air and the seawater have a recovering effect on the skin, the respiratory system and the entire physical cycle. During an extensive walk at the beach you can enjoy the balmy humid air and ease your spirit and soul with the sound of the waves.


Thus a stay at the Baltic Sea extremely positively affects
the entire efficiency of the body and the psyche.

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